Lunch, anyone?

From Atlas, in Brooklyn, comes this picture of me enjoying some pure sailing pleasure. Captain Jan Glinski, perhaps suffering under the delusion that I might still retain a shred of dignity after our voyage together, must have thought to spare my feelings and therefore did not send me this charming portrait. Instead Joseph, with no such illusions, forwarded it right back over the Atlantic to me with the comment that he has never ever seen me looking this miserable, not even in Antarctica.

From the salt-matted hair and the pink unhealthy skin, which somehow conveys both intestinal distress and solar overexposure, to the slit-eyed aggression prompted by the intrusion of the nausea-inspiring camera lens, it just doesn't get any more fun on the high seas than this.
Photo: Jan Glinski

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Anonymous said...

Makes you look like the serious travel writer you are. Life's not all beer and skittles and a What me worry? grin is frequently inappropriate.
This is a fine portrait.