Suicide Bloomers

The Nigerian would-be terrorist who tried to blow up a flight from Amsterdam apparently had high explosives sewn into his underwear.

The Daily News also reports that US lawmakers (from the minority party) are already clamoring for an investigation into how this millionaire son of a banker was ever allowed to board a plane in the first place. He has apparently been on the terrorist watch list for two years (along with 550,000 others), and his religious fanaticism so troubled his financier father that the latter stopped into the US embassy in Lagos to warn them about his own son.

To which the only appropriate response from the Obama administration should be "when is the last time you took a Nigerian banker's 'exciting offer of confidential information' seriously?"


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John V. Fleming said...

Very good, very clever! And we can all take comfort in Janet Napolitano's assurance that "the system worked"! The system, I presume, is to make sure that every international flight has on board a courageous Dutchman to jump on the bomber the moment he ignites.