The June-Bug Conundrum (great unused names for bands dept.)

Wednesday was a day off, so I strolled down the hill below the Umubano Hotel to my favorite birding spot in Kigali, the Kigali Golf Club, about whose birds I will soon tell you ever so much more than you are likely to want to know, in an upcoming post. Today it is all about bugs, namely these flying Junebugesque yellow and black monsters. About twice the size of the iridescent critters I know as Japanese beetles, these were clustered in a localized swarm, gorging themselves on the nectar of a flowering tree by burrowing neck deep into the octopus-like tendrils of its orange blossoms. Some have pairs of small yellow spots dotted on their black rorschach backs, some don't. I'm wondering if its a gender thing. One thousand pixels wide for your viewing pleasure; click on image to load.

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