At least we are talking about a STYLISH rabid vampire...

In other associated Palin news, the Republican National Committee has spent in the neighborhood of $150,000 on frocks, lingerie, cosmetics and haberdashery for their "average joe" "salt of the earth" "mainstream American" vice-presidential candidate. That's $2,500 per day since her nomination. The LA times points out that the average US citizen's total annual clothing budget, according to the US department of labor, is "only" $1871.00, and you know we didn't get into the current credit crisis by keeping our Mastercards in our wallets when we go to the mall. Looking at Palin one has to wonder if the money couldn't have been better spent.

Photo shamelessly hooped from sabeth 718's flicker stream.

Now I'd like to know what the bill is for Palin's tutoring, or cramming, since that term better describes my vision of the process, Palin sitting there like a hapless goose while a factory's worth of advisers stuff her with "facts" and "policy." ("There are seven continents; Iran is not our friend; Don't worry, we'll take some time to go back to Neiman-Marcus after lunch.")

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