The next generation of Haitian cinéastes...

The short films, or, perhaps more correctly, scenes, I wrote about a few posts ago have been uploaded to youtube by the Sine Lekol Jakmel, via satellite internet, with subtitles.

The original assignment was simple, and open-ended, and intended to suggest a few situations with interesting or difficult location sound possibilities. I told the students to film a conversation in which a couple are going through a breakup, a scene at the beach, and a scene in Jacmel's town square. I gave no other real guidelines, and let the students fend for themselves.

We shot in two teams. Once the films were in the can, we watched the roughly edited footage together as a class, and discussed possible audio additions that might be mixed into the location sound to underline the emotions of the characters, smooth over problems in the dialog recording, or enhance the sense of place. The teams then went out again on their own to collect them.

I'm very impressed!


jkarah said...

Impressive Professor.
Did you determine the theme?

They say it's a cold world said...


L. Harmon said...

somehow i thought the timely toilet flush was going to signal the beginning of a wonderful new love affair.