The Social Life of Caged Birds, on PRI's "The World" UPDATED

On weekend mornings at dawn, Saigonese songbird aficionados like to bring their pets to a café in the corner of one of District One's most popular parks, where they drink coffees and teas, and chat, perhaps about birds, perhaps not. Meanwhile the birds make friends among neighbors of their own kind, at least to the extent possible while trapped in their bamboo prisons. They also do their best to out-sing one another.

I realize this is rather short notice, but my "audio postcard" about these caged-bird fanciers in Ho Chi Minh City runs on PRI's "The World" today on your local NPR affiliate. In case you missed it, I'll post a link here later, the segment is now available online at The World's website, along with a groovy slideshow of my photographs.


Anonymous said...

I heard your postcard on KUOW in Seattle--loved the birdsong and image of folks gathering with their cages and having coffee. Great photo!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I have a bird (but it is not a songbird) and that is so cool!!!!!!!!!

Jody said...

In Miami our bird "neighbors" wake us each morning with their songs... and we now have a bird bath where they can gather and we can watch from the window. Loved your piece Hombre Don Flan! Safe journey.