With a name like that, what's not to like?

Regular readers know that only on the very rarest of occasions does antarcticiana stoop to play the game of political endorsement. But sometimes a candidate is so impressive that we have to get down off the fence of dissatisfaction and exhaustion to shout "Antanas Mockus for president!" You want environmentalism? Mockus is a visionary urban planner and bicycle path specialist. You want transparency? Mockus laid his medical records on the table and explained that despite a diagnosis of Parkinson's he has twelve good years left to lead. You want style, pizazz, and razamatazz? Mockus looks like a cross between Slavoj Zizek, an Amish farmer, and Fidel Castro. You want a man to lead Colombia away from 40 years of conflict and blood? Vote Antanas Mockus!

Warning, cheesy music! We are still waiting for the power cumbia Mockus remix.

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