Very Small Room with a View

We have been spending a lot of time this week at the ranger station for the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, a sanctuary of reef and cayes off of Punta Gorda, Belize. The lone structure on Abalone Caye, a postage stamp of an island, the station has a crow's nest observatory used to help intercept illegal gill-net fishermen and lobster and conch poachers attempting to fish within the reserve. Scanning the surrounds from up there with a pair of high-power binoculars strikes me as a blissful way to spend an afternoon. Perhaps not in hurricane season.

On the ground floor, the facilities are basic, but sanitary, with fresh ocean breezes just where you want them, and a sea view, at least until you sit down.

from: Great Outhouses of the World

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Rich! First time ever that I fell in love with a restroom! Even the phenomena of penis envy appears in a totallly different light: woe is me, not being able to enjoy this spectacular view while urinating...