Goths by the Seashore

It may only be because I'm getting my 2008 income taxes in order today, and therefore find myself easily diverted, but I think Goths trying to take their vampiric selves to the beach makes for some hilarious bloggery.

I've always thought gothicism a particularly weird and self-conscious youth subculture, a fashion statement searching for a cause. The purple fingernail polish, the black Stevie Nicks dresses and the cruciform jewelry have always seemed nothing more than a pitiably transparent attempt to piss off the parents rather than actually transgress anything. All that darkness, mascara, those coffins, cobwebs and wistfully depressing music for me add up to little more than a Halloween costume adopted as lifestyle.

Perhaps I need enlightenment, but is there a goth political point of view? Or is it just gloominess for its own sake?

Whether you are in touch with your own dark side or not, this blog, which I discovered courtesy of Tim Broun's facebook feed, is HOWLINGLY FUNNY.

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Anonymous said...

The one Goth in my town would nightly 'get a woopin, verbal for sure. After dark aura days during class she 'disappeared' into intricate makeup i would confirm she was okay & keep my eyes out for her for seven days, no matter. Wanted her to know that we saw her.. we saw it was real.