The long lost images to illustrate my last post

Now, the photographs below will do in a pinch, but those of you who know me probably didn't have much difficulty picturing me seated at the kitchen table tweaking my review of Bill Buford's Heat, thinking to myself, what on earth might I use to illustrate this wordy digression into Tuscan cookery? Cooking, kitchen, digital camera: problem solved. And I barely had to get up from my chair.

Naturally, the very next day, in one of those pesky coincidences, I came across this on boing-boing. I'm not usually a big fan of scribbling text onto the surface of photographs, but these really work for me, above and beyond just how very perfectly Douglas Gayeton's pics (link now dead, apparently since the publication of Gayeton's own book Slow, Life in a Tuscan Town, which contains these images) would have served to illustrate my last post, not to mention the rather dull dust jacket of Bill Buford's book itself. The series of images is largely dedicated to slow food, slow and biodynamic cultivation of crops, animals and wine, and the slow lifestyle that goes along so well with these pastimes. In Tuscany. Featuring crusty old Italian people holding pork products.

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