Film Screening: Atis Rezistans, The Sculptors of the Grand Rue

As you all know, the excitement and optimism of the Port au Prince Ghetto Biennale was crumbled into ruins only weeks later by the terrible earthquakes in Haiti. One of the Grand Rue artists was killed, and the rest are struggling to find tents, feed their families, and protect a decade's worth of their prolific artistic output. MY previous blog posts on the Grand Rue are HERE.

Atis Rezistans: The Sculptors of the Grand Rue

Artist André Eugene came out of Haiti a few weeks ago and will be in New York briefly this week. At last-minute notice the 16 Beaver Group is kindly hosting a screening of Leah Gordon's short documentary on the sculptors of the Grand Rue: this Thursday, March 18th at 7:30 PM. 16 Beaver Group is at 16 Beaver Street in Manhattan.


Appearing will be:

Andre Eugene, discussing his work, the Grand Rue community, and the current situation in Haiti.

Laura Heyman, discussing her fabulous large format photography project from the Biennale.

Myself, doing my best to fill in any gaps in translation for Andre Eugene, although my kreyol is fairly rudimentary. I will also comment on my experience visiting the Biennale.

In case you have benefit fatigue, this is FREE and open to the public.


MORE Information HERE, from Pedro Lasch, who organized this event.

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