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RoadWarriors360 said...

Hey Richard Fleming, Friends & Fans:

Found you via documentary film-maker, Anne Aghion's, "Ice People" facebook page.

I'd love to hear about your trip to Antarctica and life "On The Ice."

I hope to visit there in the future, as part of my plans to visit all seven continents of the world. I could use some suggestions as to the best/cheapest way to go.

I am looking for people who have been to, and currently live/work on Antarctica, to join my global road trip/travel association.

We have members on six continents, I need one or more "On The Ice", so we cover all seven continents.

We plan to grow our organization as big as we can worldwide. We are just starting, so we are small now, but hope to see that explode over time.

We are putting our story out to the media/press/news, so hope to get picked up worldwide.

We are for people who love road trips and travel. Young and old, rich and poor.

A worldwide mobile society, mobile lifestyle, hi-tech, wireless.

We love to add more cool, fun, good people. Adventurous people.

We also include people who are arm chair "Road Warriors", who just "love" to read about it, think about it, imagine it, but for some reason, maybe are not able to get out there and do it or not very much.

We accept members from anywhere in the world. Free. No cost.

Just click this link, then "Like" the page, and you're instantly a "Road Warrior", one of the Road Warriors" worldwide.

Hope to see you and others there!

Hit the road!

Thank you,

Jeff Read/JR
Los Angeles, CA.

Here is the link to join us: