Coney Island Rest in Peace

I blogged last spring about joining a joyous New Orleans-style 2nd line parade over the Brooklyn Bridge. This Sunday, April 3rd, more or less the one year anniversary of that event, NOLAphile James Demaria is organizing another. This one is a funeral for the late, great Coney Island.

If you are worried that a funeral might make for a depressing Sunday beside the gray and so-far unspringlike seashore, you don't know much about New Orleans 2nd lines. Furthermore, Demaria remarks on the facebook invitation page that "This event is symbolic of our hopes for Coney Island's rebirth. It's joyous. And hopeful. And if you don't agree with sarcastic fun we don't want you there."

Despite just how strongly I do agree with sarcastic fun, I unfortunately won't be able to attend. But you should. Surf Avenue and West 12th, at 2PM.

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Anonymous said...

the new designs for coney island coming out of the dept of city planning are not at all bad. What about coney do people want to preserve, and how often does anyone go to coney island anyway? just saying.