Finally, an article about ME in a New York daily newspaper!

I've been working for some time on a project based on the Mexican Lotería, the Bingo-like card game whose 54 images are touchstones of Mexican popular culture. I haven't written about it here because I have a whole section dedicated to it on my personal website (about which more in a moment).

The Lotería de la Migración, as I call it, reimagines the original images of the most widely played version of the game as commentaries on the obstacles and issues encountered by would-be migrants to the U.S. in the age of Trump. 25 of the images from this project are currently on display at the Hemispheric Institute at NYU (20 Cooper Square, 5th floor. Tell the security guard you are there to see the "migration exhibition", which will be up until May 31st.). 

After seeing the show, Carmen Molina Tamacas of El Diario NY interviewed me and wrote a much longer and more in-depth story than I could possibly have hoped for.  

On the very same day I got a message from Google suggesting that my website was infected with viruses and malware. I opened an onscreen chat with my hosting provider to ask them what they thought. They chatted back: do you mind holding for a few minutes while we check out the issue? 

Pro tip: don't ask your web host to check whether your site has a virus. If you do, they will just shut you down and ask questions later. It seems pointless to provide a self-promotional link here, but if you go to my website now, here is what you will see:

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