In which a theme emerges...

As regular readers know, from time to time we like to post a list of those Google searches which have steered the neophyte to the pages of antarcticiana. Most, one imagines, flee in dismay, leaving with their quest for some bit of arcane knowledge unsatisfied. To those poor, uncreative unfortunates who continue to wash up here daily after searching for "unused band names," or "good unused names," we can only apologize for perpetuating that vicious cycle of intellectual poverty right here in this very sentence. These periodic lists, you see, feed upon themselves; someone recently arrived here after googling "google search strings."

But other searches, as well, are becoming more and more regular. There is in the world, I am beginning to be even more certain, a tremendous hunger, if not for psychoactive plants themselves, at least for an understanding of them. It is a rare day that passes without someone stopping here after searching for opium, in China, Thailand, or just, generically speaking, in a den. Less frequent, but quite common, is a search for Soma, the divine mushroom of immortality, Amanita muscaria. These drugs have not been a dominant theme in the history of this blog; each was touched on in exactly one entry, but the searchers are many and persistent. In honor of those seeking enlightenment in these pages, or questing to live in the spaces between thoughts, I have arranged today's list of searches, all of which returned antarcticiana among the top ten hits on google, into a sort of free-associative poem, which, if you spin quickly in a circle while repeatedly reading it aloud, should help you to stumble into an altered state of your own.

yurt hippy

he survived for sixty days with only a few chocolate bars h

premature nostalgia

how to not be homesick

"all jokes will be taken seriously"

when my fish eats bubbles come out of gill

senility symptom in man

"caucasian hair cut"

german asparagus cult

vegetable phallic

soma divine mushroom pdf


blurry birds

imelda marcos red hook

a legendary creature which lurks around Australian swamps


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