Bamboo on the High Line

According to Wikipedia, the "Promenade plantée" in Paris' 12th arrondissement is the only elevated park in the world. A model for what might be done with the innumerable abandoned lengths of railway across the globe, it is a three mile long stretch of potted plants and boardwalk above one of the city's less fashionable boulevards. If Manhattan's high line ends up anything like this it will be a great success, at the very least for real estate developers; along the Paris Promenade buildings which once endured a tortured, Woody Allenesque proximity to rattling trainlines and their attendant grime and filth now sprout clean modern facades and rooftop extensions and broadened windows that take full advantage of the tidy slice of greenery slicing past outside. Now if only we could get New York to copy the Velib concept!

"Enjoy watching the city bustle past far below while on a tranquil stroll"

"I liked this bamboo bower the best"


Anonymous said...

Take me to your bamboo bower! oh, take me too!

It'sJustMe said...

yo this is awsome. u gotta show me this!!
ur neice and biking buddy

Anonymous said...

Rediscovered this blog entry after visiting New Yorks newly opened Hi Line what a treat and gift for the city.
I want to know more about Paris Hi Line and why more people don't seem to have heard of it.