Ancient Tribal Ritual

In the best tradition of verite documentary filmmaking we spent our last night on Easter Island slinking through the gloomy nocturnal jungle in search of anthropological excitement. Our patience was rewarded when we came upon this apparent fertility ritual. After extensive negotiations permission was granted to film this most secret of ceremonies.

Cameraman Will Edwards begins to film a local tribesman and his rather suggestive vegetal "spear-thingy"

Much to the tribesman´s surprise Will pauses to "help adjust" the "thingy" so that it better captures the light of the jungle torches

I believe the directions for this shot were "just thrust it towards the camera a little"

A couple of the local tribesladies, evidencing their amusement at all the phallic goings-on

Crew and cast pose for a farewell photo memento. No dummy, I made sure I was the one taking the pictures.

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