Great unused names for bands dept.

I haven't got much to say for myself at the moment as I scramble to get my equipment together for my next job, unpacking it from the shipping cases it came back from Antarctica in, making sure it all works, and packing it right back up again. Thrillsville. But I'm beyond sick of seeing my own hairy mug staring out at me from the pages of antarcticiana every time I obsessively log on to see if any of you lovely readers have left me a message. So I just had to post something to push my face further down the page. Anything would be better than that pilose ball of furze, anything, even, direct all the way from the wilds of the Queensland outback, THE CICADA HUSK TRILOGY!

In the Eucalyptus and paperbark forests of tropical north Queensland the sound of the birds twittering in the trees has by ten in the morning been obliterated by an increasing and then incessant whine of vibrating cicada wings. At some stage in their progression towards professional noise-makers the cicadas shed their hulls while perched on some sturdy surface, in this case a paperbark trunk. This one was dotted with literally dozens of husks, all split cleanly down the spine like the incredible Hulk's shirt. The creatures inside have long-since emerged and moved on, abandoning their translucent shells to erode or blow away.


Anonymous said...

Just to satisfy your obsessive need to see a comment, I write to say good morning - that is a wild photo of you!

Anonymous said...

Rob here from The Sound Library

That was a spectacular beard!

I may not post much but I still here reading up on your travels.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rich,
I've always favored Tool and Die for an industrial mod. sound--this before Tool was anywhere.

And then there're the bands I've really tried to get people to listen to ME with: Playing for Free (I'm embarassed, but we were) and The Bellybutton Lintpickers, among the other less successful BAND NAMES like Sparrow and Toll.