It's time yet again...

For our long-running occasional feature in which we round up those Google Search strings that happy readers worldwide have actually used in real searches that led them to our pages. As usual we think it most unlikely that any of these poor lost souls surfed away from their visit with their hopes and queries satisfied, but we were happy to welcome them nonetheless. Because of some sort of "freshness" filter that seems to be included in Google's convoluted ranking process your results may vary, but in each and every case these searches are guaranteed to have returned antarcticiana in that all important, commercially viable, super desirable NUMBER ONE spot at the original time of the search. Some of these make me really proud. And now, without further ado, accurate to the letter, today's TOP google searches, arranged again into a kind of free-associative idea poem:

rebar crucifix

post industrial wasteland

mcmurdo horror

how long is winter in antarctica

fractal geometry in ice

"world's coolest lamp"

besides penguins what other wild life exists in antarctica

mcmurdo antarctica threesum

cheap small yurt

rwandese beauties

andrian tropical

"buying a vineyard in argentina"

what takes super glue off phones

my phone got run over

afro shave and a haircut


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