Shameless self-promotion dept.

Regular readers of these pages may be aware that some years ago in a misguided quest for adventure I spent some months strolling, stumbling and cycling my way along the length of the island of Cuba, a journey much more epic in its conception than in its realization. Those were in the pre-blogging days, and as I made my way through the last bastion of socialism I jotted down my thoughts and experiences, using an actual pen, and paper. To my delight I may now report that I have accepted an offer from a courageous and visionary publisher to bring those tortured scribbles before the public eye in the form of a travelogue, my first book, to be titled Walking to Guantánamo. The contract has been signed.

Antarcticiana, this blog, will naturally from now on serve as nothing more than a relentless and aggressive promotional vehicle for the forthcoming volume.


Andrian said...

Right on! Congratulations! Being one of ones in the know I can attest to this being a superiour reading experience of exceptional joy and delight. Besides a great document of a world soon to be lost. No value of statement implicated here.

Anonymous said...

Hombre!...Dése prisa!...'stoy muy enfermo!

El Jefe

Anonymous said...


But that reminds me. Remember when I loaned you my book ("My Trip to Cuba", Ticknor and Fields, 1860)?...

Well, I need it back.