On the Munich check-in...

Some great stuff over at the blog of my ace boon buddy Andrian, who will be a father any minute. Prepare your cigars and congratulations.

First of all he has the animated history of world religions in ninety seconds.

Even better, Martin Parr is a genius; I'll go out on a limb and say he may well be the greatest street photographer of all time. Proving that somewhere, somebody in the world media still values brilliance, AK 718's paper hired him to shoot Oktoberfest. The images aren't as grim and telling as Parr's usual, and I'm suspicious that some photo editor at the Sueddeutsche may even have tamed him down a bit by choosing a few images of actually attractive, although fully dirndled and lederhosed, people. Perhaps this was necessary to avoid totally incurring the wrath of the more bourgeois Munchner readers, but the pictures are nonetheless classic, and unlikely to appear elsewhere, unless perhaps Martin has his own edit stashed away for later use.

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