Now Available!!!.... And Free!!!

Apologies to regular readers for the tedium of visiting day after day and finding the same old tired Sri Lankan pun. Blog posts have been thin, as I've been "Totally Focused" on the final edit of my forthcoming book, Walking to Guantánamo. "Total Focus" is something rare enough around here that we must seize it by the throat whenever it visits, in the hope of throttling it into submission. In any case, the book is coming along nicely, and the publishers even seem to have publicly admitted that they are going to publish it. A little bit disconcerting to note that at the moment it is available at absolutely no charge, but it is, after all, only my first book.


Andrian said...

It's not free. It says "out of stock". Which must mean that it's a bestseller, having sold out the latest print runs already! Congrats! Now the important questions in life will be - going on Oprah or not? Accepting her Oprah Book Club endorsement or staying true to the cause? What, if Limbaugh calls?

Anonymous said...

Kairos (that means perfect timing in case you didn't know) is all.
Congratulations on seizing not only total focus
by the throat but also the exact moment when Raul will be hitting his stride.

Anonymous said...

I like the design, although you look a little thin and stooped on the cover. ¿No te gusta la comida cubana?

I am REALLY looking forward to reading it. Congrats!