Be the first one on your block... MORE UPDATED

With all the pride of a father, and the labor agonies of a mother, I am inordinately pleased to announce that my first book, Walking to Guantánamo, is finally available for advance purchase.

Those who have already read it have been embarrassing me with their praise and adulation for months, so that even without having sold a single copy I have become an insufferably self-absorbed bundle of arrogance. As this trend accelerates, you may find that the only remnants left of my formerly humble and winning personality are those captured in the pages of Walking to Guantánamo. For this reason alone I urge you to BUY IT HERE, NOW. The book will be delivered promptly, as soon as it is released, on October 1st.

UPDATE: Early reports trickling in from anxious buyers indicate that all web functions may not actually be fully operational as yet. Please stand by. We have experts and technicians feverishly working to remedy the situation. We apologize for the delay.

MORE UPDATED: These reports of frustrating and incomplete purchases notwithstanding, this morning I successfully managed to buy my own book online, using the above link, despite inventing a fictitious Commons books account for one "F. Castro Ruiz," only known address "poste restante," at a post office in Coral Gables. This makes me hopeful that any early difficulties may by now have been ironed out. Should you continue to find yourself stymied in your efforts to own this important piece of literary history, please be so kind as to note the details of any shopping discomforts you have suffered, right here, in the comments section of this blog.


petoonya said...

congrats Rich! I can't wait to read it.
Marsha K.

Andrian said...

Right on! Hope to be the first European to buy one.

Anonymous said...

Ihre Suche nach "walking to guantanamo" ergab leider keine Produkttreffer.

hey dear, so far the outcome on amazon.de.....probably no chance of beating the ak on being the first european....however, CONGRATS!!!
your berlin posse is proud of you and
i'll get my hands on it sooner or later....lots of love, la s.