Googlepoem, part six

Faithful readers are familiar with our long-running irregular feature, in which we bring you the best Google search strings of all time; the search strings that bring readers to antarcticiana. Actual questers for information ended up right here, reading these pages, after typing in the carefully thought out searches published below. We humbly hope that their disparate quests for knowledge were satisfied.

This time, we've divided the search strings, each of which I personally guarantee to have returned antarcticiana among the top ten results at the time it was searched, into thematic categories, reflecting the wide-ranging interests, concerns and aspirations of the world's Googlers. Enjoy!


I want to be a cemetarian

how to run a business for selling ice on the river for ice chests

pimp my righting

how much does someone working in antarctica get paid

professional relaxationist


fram nansen toilet facilities

Chumpy Rump Food Group

my opium high lasted

shiva's penis's seremony

listed what you shouldn't do when you see a cassowary


sexy powder blue chaps

muzungu haircut kigali

fat dude in leather shorts

stucco yurts

pistacchio colour flooring home depot


albatrosses ass

Does cassowary have backbones

chimpanzee gets brutally beaten

tick disappearance in the berkshires

anomalous hillock

enclosed coke bottle ecosystem fish


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