Walking to Guantánamo, the website

My extensive paid network of publicists, personality management consultants, behavioral stylists, market researchers, ego massage therapists, trompe l'oeil physique enhancement technicians, and, of course, my social graces counselor, all agree on one thing: the budding first-time author must have a glamorous and elegant website dedicated to promoting their book. (Your comments, suggestions, and purchases are welcome.)



Anonymous said...

Any information on getting hold of your book over here in the UK?
Or should I just wait until amazon pick it up?

They say it's a cold world said...

At the moment the book may only be pre-ordered directly from the Commons Books website at commonsbooks.com, but they should be able to ship internationally. I've been assured that Amazon will also be listing the book soon. In any case, it doesn't actually come out until October 1st. Many thanks.

Unknown said...

After leaving Manitoga today, I got to thinking about the email address you gave me. "Book title?" I said to myself. Hmmm . . . . have I seen him on Colbert? I hope it is a prophecy! Nice to have had you both on tour.

Unknown said...

Didn't I say it would happen? Stephen Colbert here you come! I am told that if the furniture is Russel's it will be signed on the inside of a drawer. BIG funding raising luncheon/auction today, I will further investigate your question of authenticity.
Best of luck on the book!!!!