Walking to Atlanta

Walking to Guantánamo, the photographs, opened last night at Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta. Despite the Montreal style winter temperatures there was a fabulous turnout.

Better pictures of the show itself to follow, once I get the camera up on a tripod. It is an incredible space, with pristine white panels floating in front of the unretouched brick walls of a hundred-year old carriage house.
Big John and Mom flew down to Atlanta for the evening. (Mom not pictured).

Here is a picture of one person actually looking at the photographs.

Mustard is the "it" color for winter '09. Note Big John's shirt, two images above, and Laura's scarf.

John "Mr. Suave" Otte

Matt Chenoweth of Atlanta rock act the Goldest, rediscovered on facebook 26 years after my Princeton High School graduation, chatting with Ms. Mustard and master mojito-slinger Alison "177" Mayer, who provided a punch-bowl full of a fresh-ginger mojito variant for the thirsty masses.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Rich....
What a fun looking convergence.. book party with Mom & Dad and Laura there.
Have a great day!
Antoine Armoire de Lounge Chair of China

mgrace said...

Good news for you! Glad it turned out well.
I'm in Cuzco, decompressing from a 20 hour bus ride from Lima. (Why don't I just take the plane, you ask? I ask the same!) Fun to be in an ancient town and still be able to pirate a WiFi signal from the Spanish balcony. Times change....
Off to Bolivia on Tues., after the new blog gets up and running!
Hello to L and all the rest of you Brooklyn rascals.