I was all ready to start posting about the strange joys of celebrating Christmas on the west coast of Florida, including the epic head to head battle that went down at Christmas dinner between a pre-stuffed vegan Tofurkey and a Hawaiian-style, 1950s kitsch brown-sugar basted ham, complete with pineapple ringlets. Then the phone rang with the news that yesterday's flight, the homeward leg from Dulles to Newark, had been canceled.

On Christmas evening my family and I were blissfully walking on St. Petersberg beach, watching pelicans diving into the azure Gulf of Mexico; the next morning I battled my way back to Red Hook, flying via Chicago to Philly and then training, subwaying, and bussing my way back to the 'nabe. Just in time to wake up to this:


Anonymous said...

How many inches

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Dude....

Deep sh_t!

We've had two storms already before it was even officially winter. And they're not too concerned with plowing here, or salting the sidewalks. Both storms followed two days later by torrential rains, one including thunder and lightning.

You'll have to snow shoe it to Fairway for provision.


They say it's a cold world said...

Anon @16:28
At least 20 inches. But massive drifts mean much of Coffey St. is waist deep in snow. The back porch here is buried up to the level of the table top.

Anon @16:58
The idea that Fairway would be open is a total fantasy. I have yet to see a bus, snow plow or any other city vehicle. Coffey St. impassable. Not a single vehicle has been down it. Van Brunt has one set of tire tracks....

Anonymous said...

Can't they bring workers in via ferry to pawn off all that UHT milk?
It's now snowing again here in France, Tuesday morning.


They say it's a cold world said...

Last winter, Tom Friedman called it "global weirding": http://nyti.ms/fLIH9c

Anonymous said...

haha, barry and karin's car is hilarious.