Fighting Crimes and Righting Wrongs

Although we have a firm policy over here at antarcticiana of never hooping images from other websites, some injustices are so profound that the need for redress overwhelms any squeamishness we might have about committing the heinous crime of plagiarism. Originally posted at the usually excellent apartment therapy blog, these photographs are of a crime scene. I'm not referring to the many bottles of fine Sicilian wine and plates of exquisite home-cooked Italian food that I have demolished while seated at the immaculate and ingenious rotating table seen in the photograph of the kitchen. No, indeed. The crime is this: failure to recognize greatness. Entered for consideration in apartment therapy's smallest coolest apartments 2007 competition, these photographs have just been posted there as a sort of hors du concours honorable mention feast for the eyes. In other words, this apartment has been removed from contention, as if the proprietors of that website knew that these luscious digs would trample all other comers on the rush down the turf to the finish line, and therefore disqualified them in the desperate hope of retaining any remnant of the competitive element in their "contest."

What is glorious, though, is to see the democratic voice of the people surging together with one shared chant into a tsunami of public opinion, a rising, roaring tidal wave of dismay and indignation that this apartment is no longer in the running. In short, once you have looked at this beautiful home and wiped up the puddle of drool at your feet I urge you to go over to apartment therapy and read the FIFTY-SIX comments and counting, in which readers the world over chime in to express their outrage, adulate my very good friend Joseph, the brilliant designer of this space, and virtually offer to bear his children. Or offer to bear his virtual children, or however that idea might be best put.

I'm in Berlin at the moment, and therefore hopefully immune from prosecution for image theft. Despite getting absolutely no permission from anyone I'm quite certain the photo credit should read: All images courtesy Joseph Fratesi (and apartmenttherapy.com)


Anonymous said...

i just soiled myself. thanks alot.

They say it's a cold world said...

UPDATE: There are now EIGHTY-TWO breathless comments, including one which suggests to me that one of the women readers managed to CONCEIVE A CHILD just by looking at these pictures and imagining the possibilities!!!