I'm Number ONE on Google...

My last staggeringly hilarious entry on how people find antarcticiana via google garnered exactly one comment, wondering why no eager cooks searching for flan recipes found my site (thank you, Paco.) I am not, however, dissuaded; the mind continues to boggle at the workings of that of others. Here are the top thirteen, guaranteed accurate, all killer and no filler, known-to cause-cancer-in-the-state-of-California actual search terms which recently returned us as number ONE!

gauchito gil world tour

how balloon rises with the passengers sitting inside it

beelitzer spargel andreas gursky

mcmurdo gender ratio

How was flan discovered in antarctica

Reading about abandoned boats

fly agaric mushrooms are they free living or colonial

Hans Rosenhaupt, clifton fadiman

It's sedimentary my dear Watson

antarctic faced head toothfish

tribal fertility ritual

blizzard crevasse plunge

john franklin "first they ate"

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Anonymous said...

In reading your posts about google searches and such, my friend has been trying to turn me on to "Google Indexing". It's a method of getting a leg up on the competition in the search engine world. Personally, I don't quite understand the coding yet but can let you know more in the near future. if you're interested. Here is a link to the info.


Secondly, when are we grabbing that beer in Williamsburg, Paco is down to meet as well.