Cosy 6th flr. paris stud., 7th arr. Eiffel twr. vus

Ideal for fitness freaks, this sixth floor walkup is conveniently located in the 7th arrondissement of the wonderful city of Paris, right at the center of the well-known country of France! Just getting to it is a massive workout that would cost you big euros at the overpriced sports clubs in this spectacularly trendy neighborhood.
Beyond cosy, this is a genuine writer's garret, an ideal winter getaway for the impoverished and frugal wordsmith. Since you will be surrounded by foreign-speaking peoples and there is absolutely no access to the internet in the entire country, you will find no distractions whatsoever to prevent you from writing the great American novel!
Former maid's quarters, these very special digs boast a fold-out kitchen, hide-a-bed, a complete collection of classic French literature in actual French, almost 140 luxuriant square feet of living space, and a petite marble-topped dining room table nearly large enough for two salad plates. As you pluck fresh rosemary from the herbs sprouting in your windowbox you will gaze out across the gray slate rooftops of Paris to stunning views of the Eiffel Tower! Don't miss this exciting opportunity.

(Sorry, it's no longer available: I've rented it, having moved temporarily to do the final editing on my book. I haven't spent any quality time here since 1985 and I had forgotten how awesome this town is. Visitors welcome, but space is limited. Hope to hear from you soon.)

My own personal stairmaster, the Chambered Nautilus


Anonymous said...

Sounds the like perfect recipe to put those final touches on your book. Im looking forward to my winter hideout up here as well and will be posting soon with a restored fervor. Thanks for the gear as well compadre.

Anonymous said...

The Brooklynite never lies.
I've seen it, my heart is still pounding, and I suggest you invite yourself to dinner ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hi I hope you are caring for your nieces and enjoying the toweras much as I did in Sept. Does the carrosel still go too fast for the three year old? Enjoy Paris and he writing bigrade. Please ask Sophia to e mail me. The exec is away. Joanie Marronie

J Thyme...kind said...

Love the stairmaster & made even better sans CNN.