The Key to a Man's Tummy...

Loving the stupendous graphics on this half-liter bottle of Malamatina retsina, the pine-tar infused Greek white wine. If we were dealing with Romans and not Greeks I would take "malamatina" to mean "bad morning," but even if this wine suggests a hangover in its very name the label makes up for it: homeboy has the biggest glass of all time, not to mention he's rocking the Tintin hairdo as he goes bottoms-up.

According to wikipedia, such wines may have originally gotten their bouquet of baseball bat and long, acrid, paint-thinner finish because the bungs in the amphorae used to store and transport them were sealed with pitch from the Aleppo pine. Despite the emergence of newer technologies like casks, corks and even glass bottles, local demand for this unique and, frankly, rather acquired taste remained so high that it is now added to the wine.

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