A nautical fundraiser

Our dear friends over at Portside NY, who are preserving and restoring that crusty old tanker, the Mary Whalen, are holding a fundraiser. Barbecue is involved, as well as sunset in NY harbor and much more. I've written before about the delights of life on the decks of the Whalen, and I highly recommend you attend! Brooklynbased has all the info, Here.

And for the last week before this July 3rd event, tickets are discounted to a measly $35! 

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They say it's a cold world said...

One eagle-eyed Cyrillic-literate reader has already written in to point out that the pictured vessel is not actually the Mary Whalen, but rather the Aleksey Maryshev, and I have to admit they are correct. I was having trouble finding any fresh photos of the Whalen, and tried to pull a fast one with this snap of the Maryshev anchored off the Antarctic Peninsula. Apologies. I thought I would likely get away with it, given that both ships are very large, and made of steel. In any case, the Whalen is also very beautiful, and you should attend their July 3rd benefit!