Dispatch from Mt. Boreas 05

November 1st
Dear Deany:

Along with a couple of empty urine barrels a helicopter dropoff yesterday included the excitement of a mail delivery all the way to our windswept mountain retreat. Eagerly awaited and forever to be appreciated were a tub of miso paste, some jasmine pearl tea and the most recent issue of the New Yorker, literary criticism and encouragement from Mac-Ops McMurdo, the latest edition of the "Antarctic Sun" newspaper and some color xeroxes of the notorious Halloween party you town-dwellers seem to make an annual event of, at which a trio of wags, perhaps starved for inspiration, appear to have taken advantage of our absence to impersonate our happy film crew. Pleased as we were to all be thus immortalized Sylvestre seemed slightly put out as his imitator, in his estimation, made him look "gay." Anne very much appreciated the genius Katie showed in destroying a pair of eyeglasses and hanging them around her neck on a rubber band. A true eye for the telling detail. For my part I need to warn you and the entire McMurdo community that I am certain, after careful analysis of the images, that the person wearing a false beard and carrying an inflated black plastic garbage bag on the end of a stick in a churlish effort to denigrate those of us in the sound-recording trade, is none other than wanted ice-terrorist Ali Fatah Morgana, living right in your midst. Show extreme caution when approaching this individual.


Anonymous said...

i just hope the terrorist boom mike operator had your deep belly laugh.

I'm in germany. This weekend I'll be in poland and then, Bonjour mon amis, I'll be in Paris for a quick week.

My brain is thinking quickly. After the Cook Islands my skin is dark (even some of the unmentionables) and I'm spending my money a lot faster than I earned it.

Let me know if there is any special cafe or hideaway in paris I should see. I'll be staying right next to the Metro stop by the sacre coere. Please give me hints.

miss you guys.
P.S. Katie's costume gave me a deep belly laugh.

mechanical lye hammer said...

I thought Katie's group's costume was by far one of the best there. Unfortunately for them, none of the contest judges really knew who you guys were, or otherwise I'm sure they would have won. None of your photos show it, but her jacket came complete with the little cross of duct tape over her shoulder.

It's a pleasure to read your dispatches. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you all better before you left for the field.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys
C'est hilarant ces costumes... qu'est-ce qu'on peux faire avec quelques bouts d'anorak et de scotch sur un bout de glace perdu...
un petit halloween sur glace. Et le faux Sylvestre a l'air peu gai, oui...
Et vous vous etes deguises en eux?

je suis ravie de constater qu'apres nos brainstorming sans fin sur ce qui gele et ce qui ne gele pas sous une tente en Antarticque, Rich peux continuer a blogger de la-bas, mais c'est incroyable cette technique moderne!