And even more honest if the light is flattering...

Calling Walking to Guantánamo "compelling and entertaining," in his review for the Library Journal, (link has gone dead; you'll just have to take my word for it) Lee Arnold goes on to write that Fleming (that's me) "is brutally honest, even when it shows him in an unflattering light."


L. Harmon said...

"This is perhaps the most accurate and readable work on Cuba this reviewer has seen." Lee Arnold, and that goes for me too.

mgrace said...

Excellente, Don Flan.
I've been cehcking out the Ruta de Che here in Bolivia, and your book has opened my eyes a bit to the reality of the Cuban situation which gets lost in the Martyrdom of Che exhibits. Thankfully, I'v been hanging out with a Mexican-Argentine who has visited Cuba, and we've had discussions about the realities of contemporary Cuba (which I couldn't have talked about before "Walking"). While I think that one can be in awe of what Che did (and at the same time condemn other things about him), it's good--necessary--to have a well-writting, accessible book that doesn't flinch when looking at the failings of the Cuban revolution.
(For those who haven't read it, don't worry, it's not a political tract. And Richard DOES come off in an absurd way through much of it. Order now!)
I hope the folks over at my old job are writing it up!