And give Andrian my record collection

Here are a couple more images from yesterday, one of the local use of bamboo for "flagging" trails, and the other taken out the window of our office at Crary laboratory at dusk.

Tomorrow at 9AM we leave for our "survival training." Long ago in tropical Manhattan we decided to get this class out of the way as soon as possible after our arrival, since once trained we will be cleared to travel to many more localities. The training, also known as happy camper school ("because you are so happy to get back," as one wag put it) is supposed to include building an igloo and then spending the night in it, or in an adjacent tent. Or sleeping in a trench carved into the ice. The forecast calls for evening lows in the -25 F range, with wind chill down to -40. People to whom we have mentioned our upcoming camping trip, referred to as a "shakedown," have had two responses. Some said: "really? I didn't think they did that at this time of year." The others just began to laugh with the uniquely sinister edge of hysteria which identifies the winterover. If I don't make it back, tie me kangaroo down, sport.


Andrian said...

Sounds like you gonna need your record collection well for yourself after that outing. Playlist's gonna start with Judas Priest's 'Deep Freeze', followed by Fats Waller's 'Freezed Out' and Sonny Boy Williamson's 'Nine Below Zero', closing with P.M. Dawn's 'Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine'. Which is of course a punfest that could be straight out of Rolf's routine.

Won't happen again. Stay warm.
From Brooklyn... A

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about this. Someone mentioned the documentary was going to be about life in McMurdo--but the official site says it's about the scientists and their research. I thought around 90% of the 'lifestyle', the goings on's, involved contractors.

True, it will be nice to see a current film done by a professional from an outside perspective. I have to admit that I've not seen any of your work and can only hope you don't but a slant on it in the manner of so many other documentarians of lessor scruples.

I believe someone once called it 'strategic science' as being the only way the US could maintain a presence. I'll be honest, I don't envy you the task of being 'the tourist' down there. Political VIP's never seem to notice that other people have more work, science projects (ie launches) are held up until they're ready for a viewing, extra transportation to be arranged....I'm glad Phil seems to not be be averse to the wiring in his pants, lol!

I know it doesn't read well, but I don't write this as a 'downer' comment. I know the feeling personally..at Kandahar and Mosul where, while on a government approved function, I wasn't really doing anything that would benefit anyone but ultimately myself. Everyone around me had to make special accomodations and arrangements for me and I used resources...sure, they were kind and never said anything to the contrary...but I could feel it.

Being that people are prolific online about the going's on's down there, I'm pretty surprised no-one is mentioning your presence at all, well..aside from Phil.

Can't wait to see the results!