9th Street Lagoon

A torrential half-hour thunderdump turned 9th St. between the Gowanus and 2nd Ave. into a lake this evening, inspiring most traffic other than the always intrepid B-77 bus to divert through the Lowe's parking lot. Like Weegee with a squeegee, we were on the scene to capture this important moment in nautical history.

UPDATE: Gowanus Lounge, a favorite and prolific Brooklyn-centric blog, has four of our photos of the watery wasteland of lower 9th Street.


Anonymous said...

When this much water can't get into the street sewer drains, just imagin how much sewage is being spilled into the canal and the open harber!

Orianna Laun said...

If you lived in this part of fly-over country, the news media would show your picture of the bus and then take the opportunity to remind everyone to NOT drive through standing water on the roads. :)