Home, Sweet Home

My main man Alejandro "El Jevy de Coffey St." Wolfe is out there in Brooklyn holding down the ranchito. Jealous of the weather down here, he is threatening to move to Montreal some time soon, but for the moment he is taking care of the bamboo I planted in my back yard at the bottom of the only in-ground swimming pool in King's County. Until I discovered the McMurdo greenhouse I was positively craving vegetation, so Alex (aka El Cacique de los Gringos) snapped this shot for me, out the bedroom window. In a couple of years I am hoping to take over the contract to provide bamboo flags to the US Antarctic Program. Gracias, Compay!

Actively seeking interns for exciting springtime opportunity in landscape architecture. Send your resume today!
Photo: Alex "El Rey Enorme y Eterno de todos los Castillos de Amargue de Jagua" Wolfe


Anonymous said...

Montreal, Que.
Thurs, Oct 5 2006
High: 54°F
Precip: 20%
Wind: WSW 7 mph
Max. Humidity: 83%
UV Index: 3 Moderate
Avg. High: 59°F

Anonymous said...

Being fortunate enough to have some familiarity with a certain Hartley Avenue landscape I can now say, definitively, that the apple does nor fall far from the tree.