Mactown Evening

Night is slipping through our fingers. Already the sun rises in the south-east, well before I rise, and then spends a long day describing a horseshoe-shaped arc before sliding down behind the Royal Society Mountains to the west and south-west. Soon it won't go down at all, and will begin to eliptically spiral upwards in ever-tighter circles over our head. From our perspective at this high latitude every shadow becomes a sort of solar clock; the peak height of the sun's rise easy to observe and marking midday.

About 11PM last night

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Anonymous said...


Daniel B here [not in brooklyn but ft. worth for a week]. Adam V. and I were just speaking fondly of you. We miss you and are forced to look at your utube haircut to see our dear friend.

I still have a house warming pressie for you and your damn red hook home, so call me when you get back - i've moved and schlepped it from domicile to domicile like and imbicile.

donbeastranger, dB