We're Outta Here...

Weather perfect for flying helicopters today, crisp, clear, light breeze, sparse distribution of little puffy clouds. Off we go, up into the air, behind Ob Hill, over Scott Base, and wheeling off across the Ross Sea to the Olympus Range. I'm going to be hauling rocks and setting up tents until far into the night.

Ready for Liftoff

Antarctica's largest urban agglomeration, the McMurdo megalopolis, from the air

Flying over Scott Base, capital of the Ross Dependency, sovereign New Zealand territory and home of Ross Island's most comfortable pub

Erebus in the background as we turn to the north...

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Andrian said...

Is that it? The last dispatch before the Brooklynite goes onto the ice for real? Godspeed Donflan! Can't wait to hear the stories from out there.