All Present and Accounted For

We are safely back from Black Island after spending most of the day making the traverse in one Pisten Bully, accompanied by T-Rex. Keith, Dawn, Ants and Glenn stayed behind to continue work there, keeping the other two Bullies.

Sunrise from Black Island, this morning

Syl capturing the ambiente. I recorded sound for some of the exterior shots, but since we kept the Pisten Bullies running most of the day and most of Black Island's power is supplied by a diesel generator I finally went on strike and refused to stand around outside recording the hum of diesel motors to go with the spectacular and pristine images. (I have a "no dieseling" clause in my contract.)

When you see this you don't expect it to sound as if you are standing outside on level three at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, do you?

The rear view mirror of the Pisten Bully on the way back to McMurdo: Dude, I have bad news for you, Jerry's dead!

I've edited the rest of the photos from the trip into the existing entries I wrote while there, so that if you have already read those you may now go back and look at the pictures, and if you haven't they are now extra special and complete!

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