Do you have any Dr. Pepper?

The storm has passed on in the night and as Sylvestre put it, "today we are making a documentary about shoveling." We've been here just over a month now and virtually all of the 397 people currently on station are aware that a documentary film crew is in their midst. People we haven't even met approach us in the hall by the coat racks or come up to us at dinner and give us hot tips. Last night a thoughtful guy named Lenny, from building 159, which houses all the support for airplane repair, stopped by our table to let us know that 159 was snowed in in a pretty serious way and that their department would soon be getting involved in some profound snow-moving operations. After he left Anne said, "look, now people are doing our location scouting for us." We went down there this morning and found that their front door was completely drifted in, save for a forearm sized patch of sky visible at the top left of the door. Because their door opens inwards they had already converted this wall of snow into the world's smallest refrigerator by carving out one rectangular Diet Pepsi-sized niche. As if one needs a refrigerator here for anything other than to stop things from freezing....

The rectangle bang in the middle of the doorway fits exactly one can of soda.

Sylvestre films the half-demolished fridge.

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"hot tips" for frigid filming: an
apt locution that ! M