Would you rather be on the bottom or on the top?

Nodwell, by Foremost, aka T-Rex

Will Brubaker successfully piloted T-Rex all the way back from Black Island despite 9 members of the party having established a betting pool with the stakes riding on just how many hours and minutes out it would be before T-Rex bit the dust. Talk about bad karma. (Us, not Will). He has an excellent post on his blog with lots of mechanical details and McMurdo vehicular history as well as his point of view on sleeping in the "Night Train" on the top bunk. For example, among other interesting things I didn't know, the name Pisten Bully comes from the french for ski-trail, piste, and has nothing to do with a piston, although that's what most of the rest of us boneheads were probably thinking.

"JinnyMae" Cat 950 at Black Island.
Two views from: Vehicles of McMurdo

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